Sunday, July 21, 2013

Brooklyn turns 4

 Brooklyn wanted a Rupunzel/Tangled party this year. She was so cute and loved everything. My Brooky is our happy girl.. she is so sweet and happy all the time.

We painted... as rupunzel loves to paint..

We opened up presents...

 We played dress up..

My friend Ashley teaches preschool and art classes. She was so amazing to have at the party, as she showed the girls how to paint canvases. It was such a hit, the girls loved her

We painted nails... Macee and Mackenzie were my big helpers.

 Party Favors...

Swim Team

The girls had such a great year on swim team. Macee swims Year around, and is doing awesome. Kynzlee just swam summer this year... and shocked us all. She places 1st overall in her breast stroke, 3rd in free style and 4th in backstroke for finals. We are going to have her swim club now too with Macee. 

Macee is our little butterflyer. She placed 1st overall by 5 seconds. 

1st in all three of her events

Movie in the park

 One of our favorite things about summer is the "Movie in the park" . Its a big movie that Granville homes puts on every summer. Its at the park right in our coldesac right across the street from our house. Its so much fun. They have bounce houses, and food, vendor booths, sno cones, then of course when it gets dark, the movie. Its just a fun fun filled night, right in our front yard.

Go Grizzlies!

We Love to go support our Fresno Grizzlies! Its always a fun Monday night Family night

Abigail turns 2

 I cant believe our sweet Abigail is already 2..
Her birthday landed on a Sunday, so we had a fun little family party with cousins

The next morning she got donuts and a trip to target to pick out a toy or two..

We love our sweet... sometimes naughty Abigail. She thinks she is the oldest sister, and we laugh and laugh at her all day long.

4th of July

 4th Of July Sunday 

 We had a lot of fun on and around the 4th of july this year...

 We went to the wild water 4th of July fireworks show...

 4th of July morning we went to our ward pancake breakfast

We swam all day... then had a BBQ with my family later on with Yummy desserts and fireworks...