Sunday, April 20, 2008

Well, I made it back. Well, we had so much fun in california! once I learn how to scan some pics, I'm going to post those as well. We played everyday...I felt like I was in a dream, it was so much fun! I just love being with my mother and sister so much, It did'nt matter what we did. Some day, we'll live close, and it can always be that way! We also took family pictures while we were there. My cousin Tyler took them, and he did awesome! I had a birthday while I was there too. 23!! wOW! I'm getting so old. Anyways, Joe has 2 more days of his contest left! He's doing so good! hes lost 37 pounds! and boy does he look GREAT! He is ready to be done though. He can not wait to eat normal again! Peanut butter and jelly even sounds delicious to him. He does have a list of places he would like to go to though: Oreganos, Cafe rio, Islands, texas roadhouse....... You can tell its getting close. We are so proud of him though. Macee was so cute the other day, I walked in her room, and she had her baby on her lap, and she said " alright baby, scriptures and prayer," and she had Joes mini book of mormon on her lap opened, pretending to read. It was so sweet. She named her baby- Kynzlee. Just like mommys baby. Kynzlee is doing good too! I can't believe she is almost 7 months! time flys!

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The Curiel Family said...

You're girls are so cute! I decided I think Macee looks more like you, and Kynzlee more like Joe (but in a pretty, girl way!) That is so sweet Macee was reading scriptures to her baby! That means you and Joe have set an awesome example for be almost 3 and already have great values. All your pictures are so cute!