Monday, June 23, 2008

A quick run down!

We've been so busy! But its been great! Pretty much every day and night we are full!
Monday- Jo has school, so he leaves at 4:30 in the morning, for work, and doesn't get home till 10:30 from school. So pretty much from sunday night, the kids don't see daddy until tuesday night. When he gets home at 6:30. Then we leave at 8:00 (we can't give macee a nap this day) and we leave to clean a salon that Joe and I do on the side. The kids are asleep by the time we get ther, then we put each of them in a stroller and roll them in as we clean. It takes us I hour to clean- working together. We actually love it. Its fun to do something like this, and do it together. Time spent together! Thats how we look at it! Then Wednesday- Joe works late and does homework. Home at 7:30. Then we have family night (I know so random....but its the only Day!). Then I have a presidency meeting - yes I got a new calling- 1st counselor in the relief society.- we meet from 8:00 to about 10:30 every wed. at my house! Then thursday Joe gets home at 4:30- and I leave the house. I teach swim lessons. from 4:30-6. They are going great! I love it! the kids are so sweet. Friday Joe gets home at 4:00. We leave the house at 5:00. We go clean the salon again .(Just a quick clean up this time! it only takes us 30 minutes!) The kids run around wild! (the salon is closed).Then we go on our date! I guess its not that much of a date- our kids our with us everytime! But we love taking them! But we always go do something fun! Saturday joe works from 8:00- 12:00. we meet at costco on the way home from his work- we both gas up our cars, and then we eat lunch there, and shop. Its actually quite fun We love costco! Usually after we go swimming (if its not too hot) or we just hang out at the house- which is very nice- considering how busy we are! Then Sunday- 8:00 church!! But will change in august to 10:00!!! we are so exited!

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