Monday, July 28, 2008

Camping in 15 hours!

Yes- we went camping in a total on 15 hours this weekend. From the time we left the house- to the time we got back to our house. We got there- set up camp (in the dark- may I add) ate Yummy foil dinners- and delicious deserts- Laughed so much!- until 12:00 am. Slept- had the best breakfast ever, packed up- and went home. Talk about a quick trip- but we had the best time ever! It was so much fun!!! we went with 2 other couples-Joe works with both of the guys. They both had kids too! There were 5 kids total. It was a blast!!! The weather was awesome too!! when we left the valley it was 105- when we got to our camping spot it was 55. Very nice change!!!

At the camp fire- it sure felt good-They loved waking up in a tent!!


The Scott Family said...

It may have been short, but it sounds like fun.

FlemingClique said...

Hey Jill, Is ashley from your old ward, sry, Ashley Fleming. I came across your blog from Jen ray and I took a glance at it. You guys have the recipe for cute kids. So adorable. They have such big pretty eyes. Well, don't be a stranger...say hi. Hope to hear from you.

Justin, Jessica, Alexis, and Allee said...

Hey Jill I love your blog!! It is so stinkin cute. Hey we need to keep better in touch. How have you been doing? Do you have email?

Scott 'n Jen said...

I love the tent pic!
You can never go wrong w/ a good tent static pic.