Monday, September 15, 2008

Whats going on?

Well I've made it through 3 weeks of full time babysitting... and onto #4. It has been busy and some days stressful- but actually its really not that bad. I actually like it. Boy when the weekend I appreciate it though! Joe is busy as usual but doing great. The kids are awesome. Macee loves preschool, and Little Kynzlee is walking, and almost 1. C
an you believe it? It seems like I was just pregnant....and waaay huge! on a side note....Can you believe costco?? It already has christmas trees up and playing christmas music!!! Its only september......Hey I'm not complaing though- I do love christmas! maybe too much- Joe thinks I'm a chtristmas elf.

Here are just a few pics
playing at the mall........

aahhh the best shopping trip ever! It rarely I had to take a picture..
Kynzlee loves it when I bake!


Anthony and Robyn said...

Oohhhh, I am so excited to see your cute family tomorrow :)

Christi said...

So are you ready for #3 yet? I can't believe Kynzlee is already walking, it really seems like she was just a newborn!!

The Givens said...

hey I found your blog. Hope its ok that your on my list of people. :) Your family is so cute.

Dan, Tara, Reece, & Emma said...

That is pretty amazing to babysit full time! I do it twice a week with 2 kids and that is plenty for me. But I do feel accomplished when the two days are over so I can't imagine how much I'd appreciate the weekend after a full week. Great job! I enjoy seeing your sweet family!