Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Summer in October,,,,,

Not something I love. What happened to you nice weather? you only stuck around for like 3 days!
Although the kids did have a lot of fun- its still not right. When they have the desire to run and play in the sprinklers at the park, you KNOW its HOT outside. But why?? It is supposed to be fall! Not here in good ol' Arizona! Its in the high 90's this week!! ( I guess I should be greatful for only double digits)

Kynzlees first time getting hit by a sprinkler......


Scott 'n Jen said...

Where are the swim suits- Ha Ha!
Sadly Katelyn never experienced the sprinklers this year. Maybe i should still give it a try.
I love their reactions to them - So cute!

Luvs :o) said...

ugh, i know what cha mean. It came in like a light switch, so sudden, and then few days later..it was gone.?. oh well, figures we'd be having warm weather in AZ this time of year. Cute pics

Cory and Cari Williams said...

Count your blessings. What I would do for 90 degrees. You are heading for coveted weather. We had snow yesterday. And it's only getting worse.