Monday, November 24, 2008

The girls

This one is good of Macee- but Kynzlee has a cookie in her hand!! I had to give it to her though- they were supposed to bribe them...but I guess Kynzlee doesn't know what that she screamed until she got one! so it was eather her sooo happy with a cookie- or screaming!!!!
LOVE this one!




Luvs :o) said...

What cute outfits you have picked out! i just love polka dots!

Dan, Tara, Reece, & Emma said...

You are so thoughtful! What adorable outfits!

Our Young Women said...

Jill I love those pics of the girls. The tu tus are so very cute. I love the Indian outfit. hope you hve a great thanksgiving. I love all of you so much.