Sunday, August 2, 2009

fish are the best pets

While my parents were here- they asked if our kids would like some fish. Of course they would! Joe and I aren't really "pet people" .... so fish are perfect! The kids were so exited!
Macee love feeding the fish everyday!

The girls have 3 fish- one for each of them. Their names: Macee's fish is Suesse- Kynzlee's is flounder- and Brooklyn's is Que. Don't ask me where they came up with those names..........


miller said...

3 fish!! u are only supposed to have 2 in those tanks, hopefully they dont gang up and eat the smallest one. I like all the colorful stuff in the tank, its like a fish night club.

Cory or Cari said...

Angela, I'm totally laughing about your fish night club comment. Maybe I'll have to brink my fish over for a night cap sometime.

Jill, what are those names? Que is a question, not a name. Maybe they'll die soon so that you can get new fish with new names.

And why are you so stinkin skinny already?