Sunday, December 6, 2009

Busy Busy Busy.................

We have been soooooo busy- I guess it is that time of year though........
Quick run down:
Joe- is done with school.... FINALLY!! But he has already found things to do- so he is still a busy man!
Me- I started working at the new YMCA that went up by our house. I work there 3 shifts a week- so like 12 hours. Its perfect- I love it- and I get to bring my kids!
Macee- In preschool.... and she has lots of friends she constantly wants to play with!
Kynzlee- She is 2- enough said
Brooklyn- can't stop smiling- my best baby so far!!! and I thought my other 2 were the best.... she is even BETTER! we all can't get enough of her!


Tara Fischbeck said...

So cute Jill...whereever you come up with your picture ideas they are adorable. I might have to pay you to shop for our next family picture outfits!

miller said...

speaking of being so busy did u get those crazy ginger bread trains done? ginger bread trains, dumbest thing i ever heard!