Sunday, January 3, 2010


Some after church pictures- Kynzlee and her eyes closed smile....... she knows no other way to smile.....

My little helpers in the kitchen...... they LOVE helping me cook!! and in between- do their crafts....

Family Outing
We probably do this twice a month on Saturday nights- the weather is so nice at nights- we like to take advantage of it. We hit up the drive thru at in- in- out- then take it across the street to the outside mall- and Joe and I just get to sit and talk- while the kids play. Its become a very fun family outing.
New Years Eve
We had a GREAT new years eve! We had a little party with some of our very close friends. It started off at 6:00- everyone brought an appetizer. Everyone first built their own Foil dinner. Then while it cooked in the bon fire outside- we ate ouderves. When our dinners started to smell very good- and we can hear them sizzle- we took them out- and ate some more. At 9:00 we put all the kiddos to bed. By 9:30 We had an adult game of Mormon bridge going- along with extra frosted monkey bread and hot cocoa.... eating again.... o how I love new years eve..... at 12:00 we popped open our bottle of sparkling cider- and turned on the movie- The Holiday.... It was a fun filled night!
Joe put the shade covering over the fire- he thought it would be more "cozy"- he's so weird. That's him looking up- making sure the entire thing doesn't go up in flames! Wouldn't that make for an exciting tradgic new years eve??!!??
Eating the delicious ouderves..... I am pretty sure we ate ALL night!


Grandma Buckley said...

You guys really know how to have a good time. I wish I was closer to get in on some of those parties. I would love partying with you!! I love being able to see the kids grow and all the things they love to do-both my big kids and the little fellows! Thank you for making it possible for me to share your lives with you. I love you and miss you.

Don and Sue said...


Don and Sue said...

wow what cute pics!!! we did have fun!!!