Tuesday, July 6, 2010

4th of July weekend

We had so much fun celebrating the 4th of July this year. I told Joe last 4th of July "this WILL be my last 4th of July in Arizona- write it down if you have to!" well- We were here in Arizona again this year- Except we weren't home in Gilbert. We actually did a "stay" cation in Scottsdale at a resort with some good friends of ours- the Browns. The kids had so much fun! as did the adults.
Here they are all lined up ready to go out to dinner!
We went to Kona Grill for Dinner and it was amazing!! you can never go wrong! The kids were actually fantastic!! They got a special treat after- for being so good!
The treat was picking something out at the disney store! The girls each picked out a pair of flip flops along with a special drinking cup. So easy to please kids!
After dinner- we got to the room- and the kids got to watch a movie. The Guys got to watch a show in the main room- while the ladies (Marjon and I) got to go Sugar bowl for some delicious ice cream sundaes!
The next day we swam and swam and swam! The kids had a blast!! Kynzlee is a fish! she swims EVERYWHERE! and she is FAST!

Love this picture!........ top and bottom!!

Sunday morning 4th of July Breakfast........ well for me and the girls..... I know it was fast Sunday. Pancakes, with whip cream- strawberries and blueberries! RED WHITE AND BLUE!Kynzlee enjoyed it. I know my kitchen is a MESS! I'm not very clean when I cook.........
Later that evening we went and ate dinner with my cousin and her family. We had fried chicken- tasted EXACTLY like KFC, corn on the cob, melons, Salads, and home made bread. It was Yummy! and the kids had plenty of friends to play with!

Enjoying some melons!
Later that night we saw a good fireworks show! .......... the girls LOVED it!

Kynzlee slept through the entire thing. Macee was so exited for the fireworks- she tried to wake her up..................
But she didn't budge.

We had a GREAT weekend! We stayed very cool by going to the mall- staying in a freezing cold resort condo- and swimming ALL day. I didn't even notice the heat once!

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