Sunday, August 8, 2010

A long But VERY fun adventure!!

Our trip around the world (at least it seemed like) was so much fun!! Our first stop was Utah- at Joes parents house. Then the following day- up to Wyoming for a family reunion. The first night we had a cookout in the woods of Wyoming. It was close to Joes brother Jareds house. Of course we had a blast!! We ate good food- and the kids had so much fun playing together, and EVERYONE was able to be there!
Brook was in town (well in Utah) and she hitched a ride with us, and got to come to the reunion!!
My girls LOVE Brook!
Joes sisters wrapping up corn to throw into the coals!!
Joe LOVED his job, giving all of the kids rides!!

The next morning was the 24th of JULY. And in this little town of Wyoming- it was a BIG DEAL!! The day started off with a triathalon. Joe and Macee both participated! There was an adult race, and a child one. The both had so much fun!!
This was actually Joe as soon as he finished. I did'nt get him during, because I was in the race with Macee- riding along side.

First time triathletes
Daddy- 29 years
Macee- 5 years
All the cousins that participated!!!!!!!!!

The next even was the parade! Now that was so cute! I couldn't believe all the floats! in such a small town!

Joe and the girls got to go in a float and throw candy!!
Then that night was the rodeo. My first one!! It was way cool!! wow!!! that's all I really have to say!

Monday morning we headed to LAGOON!!!!!!!!!

Ridin some rides!
Jessicas girls and mine! they were so happy to be there!
Kynzlee with her cousins. They were so cute and silly together those girls!!

Next we headed up to pismo beach (longest stretch- 14 hours) to my family reunion. It was a 3 generation reunion, which My grandma planned. It was so much fun, and so much fun to see everyone!!
Right before pictures, on the balcony with cousins!~

Talent show

At the talent show. Such a good show- and some awesome talents!After the reunion- we headed back to Fresno to my parents. My sister threw her husband a grad party- and it was so much fun! they had a big boucer water slide. My camera died before I could snap any shots! :(
Sunday night we headed up to Bass Lake- to my cousins wifes cabin- that they rent out all year. That was so much fun- and the cabin was AWESOME! We want to do that every year now!
Kids on the back porch balcony
Grandpa brewin up some homemade ice cream!!
Making all the beds!
Brook and Sean!!
All ready for bed.

The girls swam from the boat to the island with Grandma!

The dock launches

`The dock was the highlight of the lake. The launching of kids, and trying to rock it- while secretly people would out of the blue- shove someone off. We laughed and laughed!! Even Grandpa got pushed a few times~

L.A was the last stop. We met up with Joes parents. While Joe and his parents attended money seminars all day, the girls and I rode the trolley downtown to the beach and shopping.

Here we are waiting for the Trolley
They loved riding on the trolley
It was by far one of the BEST vacations we have ever been on!! Party after party after party!!
And TONS of Family!!!


Rachel said...

That looks like so much fun! I love vacations and spend time with family! I'll be sad if/when you ever move! Poo!

P.s. you and your family are SO cute!!!

lacey said...

Oh my... did you mention the laundry? My machines ran 24 hours straight. 9 days worth.