Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Joe got the job!!!

Joe interviewed in Indiana for a new job, and was well prepared! He studied day and night- and was so exited and nervous all at the same time to get on that plane. "This is my dream Job" he would say...... with a Brand new SUV, an iphone , lap top, gas card,and expense card included! oh and for me.....I get to live by my family- which is MY dream! ............ no pressure!

Before heading on the plane~ 6 hour flight

Whoo whoo look at that handsome guy!

Well, needless to say- he did AWESOME! Passed the test- and interviewed VERY well! Way to go Joe!! We are so exited- we can hardly stand it!! We still can't believe its really happening!

So the day we found out- we celebrated!! We went to dinner at Texas road house!

There was a balloon guy there- making the kids cute shaped balloons! They loved it!

Macee and I thought this was so funny of Brooky's face..... we laughed and laughed..........

Joe is STILL smiling from ear to ear........


Kelley M. said...

Huge congratulations, Buckleys!!!! I actually heard from Marjon last week & was so happy for you as I knew you've been wanting this for some time. Blessings, blessings!!

RedefinedPossibilities said...

Curious - What is the job Joe is so excited about? And when do you move in Indiana?