Tuesday, October 5, 2010

California these days.................................

It has been CRAZY since we got here!

We left Arizona Wednesday the 22nd, and drove through the night. We arrived in California 1:00 p.m .... it was a long 15 hour drive..... going 45 mph following the Uhaul. But we did arrive. It felt like we were never going to.... but we did.

The first weekend- my parents had a HUGE garage sale..... and I mean HUGE......The biggest ever! and of course it was a success! They made $700...... and it was JUNK! seriously... Junk.

And thankfully we arrived when we did- because we actually sold all of the rest of our stuff that we wanted to sell, but never got a chance to in Arizona. It was awesome!: our couches, table and chairs, fridge, washer and dryer, and some other nick nacks......(junk).
And best of all- we all had so much fun! Mackenzie said to Macee "C'mon Macee- lets go around and collect people's dollars". That's what they saw Grandma doing during the sale! It was funny- we laughed and laughed.

The first week- we focused on getting Macee into school. The school Mackenzie goes to is a charter private school- and is hard to get into. Well- There was ONE kindergarten opening- and Macee got in! (it did help that the principal of the school was my old swim coach for years!)
So now those two ride the bus everyday to and from school together. So fun for them! They also have to wear uniforms- which I LOVE! Its so easy.

The following weekend was Ty Ty's school carnival. My sister got us a booth - so that I could display and sell my necklaces. And so my buisness begins! We have a booth at Mackenzies carnival this weekend coming up too! We are exited!

We are LOVING California, and feel so blessed. Everything has worked out perfect! My seasons are back! it's in the 70's evryday, and the leaves are changing! Joe makes fun of me for how much I LOVE the seasons. I'm such a California girl.

We are currently living with my sister and are having so much fun! When joe gets closer to being done with training- we will start looking for a place to rent........ but for now.... PARTY ON!!

The night before the sale...... setting up

After about 3 hours into the sale........... Lookin clean!

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Katie Gourdin said...

WE MISS YOU BUCKLEY'S!!!!!!!! Congrats on the sale and everyone looks great. Keep Posting :)