Sunday, October 31, 2010

Fall update

Fall is one of my Favorite times of the year! Leaves changing colors, the weather crisp and cool, Holidays begin...... I love it!

My little poser....

People always ask us if these two are twins.......
They have so much fun together ALL Day!

Red ribbon week- dress up week..... the girls participated in the dressing up each day....I only got one picture though...... bummer. Still so cute..

Uncle Red Sean Entertaining the seven kids, while we prepare dinner........They LOVE his magic tricks!!

They are having so much fun with their cousins.... Reality will hit them, when we actually move out into our own home.... they will still be super close though!

Earl The Squirrel
Macee brought home this squirrel, along with a folder, all in a seperate backpack. We were supposed to keep Earl for one day, and write down all of the adventures we had with Earl. Well, of course I didn't see the folder until a day after it was due. So when I saw that we were a day late, we hurried and looked for Earl. He was No where to be found. We searched and searched.... all 5 kids looking. Finally a cousin said "I know where he is! I put him in time out"! So out came Earl, out of the dark coat closet. OOoops. So not only were we a day late..... but all we had to write about was Earls 24 hour timeout. Poor Earl......... what do you expect with 7 kids under 6 years of age living under the same roof.....
We laughed and laughed.......

We went to the biggest, most beautiful pumpkin patch ever! Its an actual farm..... where you can feed the animals, ride the hay ride, they had hundreds and hundreds of pumpkins that the kids could choose from. They would take the hay ride, and it would drop the kids off in the huge pumpkin patch... and the kids got to dig around and find their pumpkin.

Its right by Avila beach..... about a two hour drive. My brother Barry lives down there, so the kids got to be with more cousins! It seriously was one of the most beautiful places I have ever seen. Ther weather was perfect, and they had a candy shop with - ice cream, and muffins, and fudge, and all sorts of goodies. We will definantly go every year. In fact, I think at christmas time they grow christmas trees! we also went during the summer, and the kids got to pick apples! what a fun seasony place....... I LOVED IT!!

Of course I couldnt find my camera...... so theses are small.... taken from a phone.... LAME.

They had HUGE pumkins!

Kynzlee being sillly on the way home.....

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