Saturday, January 22, 2011

Little Hoopsters

Macee started basketball, and absolutely LOVES IT! when it was all over, after an hour, she told me: "but I want to play more mom" .... she scored a basket today in her game, and was so happy! we are so proud of her! GO MACEE!

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Grandma Buckley said...

Here I am at 12:35 am enjoying reliving the wonderful times we had together at Christmastime. I'm so glad you are a picture-taker and can capture the moments that can be shared over and over again. I loved seeing your new home and knowing you are so happy there. Loved seeing Macee start basketball and loving it as well as her new school. Fun to see Mom and Dad Williams and know what a joy it is for you to be so close to family. Maybe you could do a tour of your whole house sometime. We'd love to see it! Thanks again for all the pictures and updates of your life. We love being able to share in your lives as much as possible. Glad Joe is through his training and hope the next adventure brings happiness and success for you all!! We love and miss you and look forward to seeing you again when its time to bless the baby!! Love Ya Lots, Mom and Dad Buckley