Saturday, January 22, 2011

Two weeks of GREAT fun!

I know..... its late, but better late than never.....right? I haven't been feeling so good with this pregnancy.... but finally lately I have recieved more energy.... and have not had the desire to run to the toilet every hour!

We had so much fun, going to see all of Joes family, and we had MANY adventures! Our first night there, we headed to Wyoming for Joe's moms side of the families Christmas party. We were staying in the Marriott in Lehi Utah. So we loaded up the kids and off we went!
First we stopped by Joes dads parents house in Wyoming..... and as we drove up the driveway this is what we saw.......

Only in Wyoming!!
we visited with his grandparents for a bit....then headed to the party. We ate dinner, then as tradition, we all went caroling..... and we were a HUGE group! probably 80 + people... the kids had so much fun.... and it was very cold!

Coming back, we did the HUGE gift exchange! ....... it was alot of fun

The following monday, for FHE , we went to the salt lake temple, to see the lights.... it was beautiful and cold! we had a wonderful time.
after the lights we all went to Trolley Square in salt lake for dinner at old spagetti factory.,... the pregnant girl was craving italian.... it was very good too!

Next to our hotel, was Thanksgiving pointe...... we would walk there often, and go to the little shopes.... and there was a cute ice cream parlor that was so cheap and GOOD!

One of the days we went to the dinosaur museum.... (the largest dinosaur museum in the world) which happens to also be at thanksgiving pointe, so we meet up with Joes sister Jessica and her family, who also live in Lehi, and we had a great time! 6 little girls... and one baby boy, they had so much fun!
They dug in the sand for fossils..... for at least an hour!

The Buckley Christmas party is also very fun! with lots of traditions!
the girls are making our gingerbread house.....I was not feeling very good, and didnt care to build it.... but macee did a very good job!

we did alot of other fun things.... like the kids acted out the nativity....we went to a rest home and sang christmas carols.... we played lots of games.... watched christmas movies....ate a yummy feast.....and had a huge gift exchange..... I just didnt feel very good.... so not very many pictures got taken...

Christmas morning!

They got Everything they asked for!
The girls played outside for so Long on christmas day...... it was a BEAUTIFUL day!

Joes highlight was his basketball tournament..... which he did very well! and won all their games!~

Tough guy...... he did not know I was taking this....i was on the other side of the gym.... hes very serious when it comes to playing basketball...... this is his game face
The girls at the game, listening to cousin Kassidys Ipod......

The next week we got to see some of our Arizona friends..... The Christensens....they were very dear friends of ours.... and I am so glad we got to see them!! we had a wonderful time!

the 3 older kids did this bungy jump thing...... It was supposed to be 5 dollars per person.... but I talked these teenage kids down to 3 for 10 bucks...... it worked!

Mcdonalds with cousins!
My girls miss their cousins!!

And lastly Christmas sunday..... I only had time for one picture, this is what I got!

We had so much fun.... and the girls Loved being with cousins and Grandma and Grandpa the entire time!

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Rachel said...

Looks like so much fun!!! We live RIGHT NEXT to Thanksgiving Point too!! Next time you come, we're going to have to get together!!