Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Macees birthday Party

Macee really wanted a Hello Kitty birthday party this year. Well, being pregnant with number 4, I really wanted an easy party.. (meaning I didn't want to have to do anything). I was really not feeling up to throwing a HUGE party, like we usually do. So she got to invite a few friends... and we went to Johns Incredible pizza! It was so much fun.... and I didn't have to do anything! No cooking, no mess.... it was WONDERFUL!
First they ate... all you can eat pizza!
Then we hit the floor for about an hour and a half! there was so much to do... and the kids had a BLAST! needless to say... I was able to tie some hello kitty stuff in there.....
Macee LOVED everything!




Macee really wanted a Leapster Explorer! she was so happy to get one... and she LOVES it! she got lots of other cute things too! she was very happy!

AND OF COURSE CAKE! I loved how her cake turned out!

They each got to take home a little goodie bag. Some hello kitty nick nacks....some candy, and I made them each a different colored bracelet.

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