Tuesday, July 5, 2011

4th of July weekend

Later on that day... we all went to wild waters... with all the family.... the kids rode rides and swam.... then at 8:00... the rides shut down... and the show began....

We packed a dinner.... there was a live band... and of course fireworks!

The kids dancing away.... they had so much fun!

Brooky LOVES her papa

They loved the show.......

Saturday we were all supposed to go out to breakfast.... but at the last minute... Joe got called into an emergency case. So I took the girls... we picked up breakfast... then took it to the outside mall... the weather was beautiful! in the high 70's! they had a lot of fun playing..
I love summers here in california!!

After breakfast... we went home , and packed up for the lake! Its so nice... the lake is only an hour away.... and it is so beautiful up there!~ my favorite mountains!

The kids had so much fun playing with their cousins! there was so much to do!

Tubing and trampoline were a hit!

4th of July we did a family bbq..... and swimming of course! it was so much fun!

My little Kynzlee is such a good swimmer! she is everywhere! I cant wait to put her on swim team! she is already swimming freestyle~

Joe threw the kids for hours!

Yumm! the bbq was so good!

desert table

That night we wAtched more fireworks of course....

The kids posing with their glowsticks...

It was so much fun.... the weather was perfect!

Now that the 4th is over... the baby can come! so hopefully anyday.... im due in 5 days..... come baby come!!!


Grandma Buckley said...

What a great adventure!! It looked like so much fun! I love seeing your little family so happy! Yes, we would love to see the baby come now. Be sure and let us know when you are heading to the hospital so we can pray for you and send all our good energy to help you get our new little one here! Love Ya Lots!!

Robyn and Anthony said...

What a fun weekend!!! I'm so excited for your baby- any day now!