Saturday, October 8, 2011

Kynzlees Birthday weekend

We have a tradition in our little family...... that when its your birthday.... Daddy brings home doughnuts, and a balloon of your choice. The girls love this tradition! Joe goes to the gym early in the morning, so on his way home he goes and gets sprinkled doughnuts, and the birthday girls favorite charactered balloon. This year Kynzlee wanted fairies! she wanted a fairy party too!

The invitations were sent out! It reads at top " You are invited to Kynzlees 4th Birthday! So use this fairy dust and fly on over to Kynzlees Fairy Princess Party!"

My little Princess fairies..

The girls had so much fun.... First we made each little fairy their very own wings.... they turned out so cute!

Kynzlee had so much fun with her friends...

My favorite Part.... the cake! I had a lot of fun making her cake.....

I even made her clothes.... so she would match the party, and also have some fairy wings!

Macee and Mackenzie were a HUGE help.... they pretty much ran the party...

The nails station was a huge hit...... I think every girl got their nails painted 3 times!!

She got so many fun things! she LOVED opening her presents!

Each little fairy got to take home this little goody bag, which consisted of a "fairy" braclet that the girls and I made.. blonde or brunette, depending on what color hair she had.... and inside, all of Kynzlees favorite candy: Dots, skittles, and bubblegum suckers.

They got to take a wand too :)

After the party we all went out to eat with Grandma and Grandpa, and Great- Grandma!

The next day, Kynzlee took princess sugar cookies to her pre-school. I would have done it the day of her birthday, but with her party being the same day.... it was just too much.

She loves her preschool friends........

On Sunday we had a "family" party.......

We cant belive how fast our little girl has grown! she is such a big girl now. Kynzlee is such a joy to have, she makes us laugh every day. She has the funniest sense of humor, and the cutest personality. We are thankful to have her in our family.


lacey said...

What in the world could have every made that party better? I can think of not a single thing! Shoot- you even made the barbie girl have matching clothes and wings- love it :)

SO fun! Emma will be so sad she missed it. I'm sad I missed it!

The Scott Family said...

You seriously blow me away with all your creativity. Kynzlees birthday looks like it was a blast!!! I hope you guys are doing well. The kids looked at your blog and said, " Mom I miss them."