Saturday, November 5, 2011

Halloween weekend!

The girls REALLY wanted to be the chipettes this year for halloween. They LOVE the movie... I dont know if its all the singing and dancing or what, but I though it actually suited them perfect! We had a lot of fun putting it all together, and the girls loved it.

They dont dress up for Halloween at school around here, infact clovis unified just gives them the whole day off, its actually really nice! so instead of dressing up 4 times, we just had to to it 3 times :)

But Kynzlee, since shes in preschool, they got to dress up one day, so she wanted to be a kitty. So we made it a little sassy of course!

We made some sugar cookies to take, and she got to pass them out, she LOVED doing that!

PARTY 1- our ward party

It was really fun, 3 bounce houses, cake walk, games, dj, and of course, Trunk or TrEAT

Party 2- My partents ward party

Also very fun! good food, family, a flash mob broke out (so funny), haunted alley, cake walk, and of course TrUnK or TrEat!

Our only Family picture of the weekend, and of course, Blurry

HaLLOween SunDAY

I thought this was funny, bow completely in babys face.... I didnt even catch it until later..

Love these little girls :)

Halloween Day!

Yup that's a chicken, with a sign that says "EAT MORE BEEF".... and its also MY MOTHER inside of there! she is crazy!! it was so funny though! This is the second year on halloween, where she showed up like this, with the cow there. It was funny!

Trick or treat!

After 2 nights in a row painting chip-monk faces, I was kinda done with it! so I told them to just go get dress- ups on! We still had fun, and they always look cute to me :)

The girls had fun drawing faces on their own pumpkins, of course macee did a hello kitty, and daddy cut them out... they turned out so cute.

My Cinderella, Snow White, and Leopard Kitty...

The girls had so much fun Trick Or Treating!

What a GREAT Halloween, I love the holidays :).

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Andrea Hale said...

Jill! I can't get over how adorable all 4 of your girls are!! I love how you match all of them! I love matching too! :) They looks so cute in their Halloween costumes and Sunday clothes! P.S. You look gorgeous!