Wednesday, December 21, 2011

tis the season to be SUPER busy!

Ward Party

the girls had a little program at the ward party- and they had to wear scarfs and gloves - "winter" stuff- and they sang carols with the primary. It was really cute :)

and of course a visitor showed up- AND Mrs. Clause! that was fun!

So since school got out- we have been busy busy!
On top of my necklace buisness, and teaching bootcamp 3 times a week, I am also going to start teaching my Trek class at the gym! Not sure how I am going to add that one in too -But I am . I really do LOVE teaching my treadmill class- so it should be fun- plus the older girls will be in school, when I teach, so it wont be too hard- gotta exercise anyways- right?

the girls have been in baseball camp all week, 9:00-4:00- thats been so nice!!

Abigail turned 5 months!

Still has blow-out

after blow- out

But I can't believe how big she is getting- SO fast!

The girls have too much fun with her!

Every morning the first thing these girls do is put dress- ups on!!

LOTS of shopping....

and Baking........

and lastly- Macee's school program- she did really good, and it was so cute!

Grandma and Grandpa got to come!

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