Thursday, February 2, 2012

Time to play catch up!

Wow we have been BUSY! I can hardly keep up! Well- we've been busy- but its a GOOD busy! Macee is doing Awesome in school! she made the Principals Honor roll list- she will receive her award on Tuesday! she is also a STAR ready! 40 books in a quarter! woo whoo!

And boy does she LOVE basketball like her Daddy! she made 6 baskets her last game! we could not believe it! AWESOME!

Its been fun getting ready for Valentines day! decorationg the house, doing boutiques, and of course, dressing up the girls!

They have enjoyed modeling necklaces for my Sprinklings buisness too :)

We have had the BEST weather! We have had some rain too- which we LOVE!

Abigail has started to eat SOME solids.... she is pretty picky, but LOVES french fries! I know it doesn't seem so in this pic, I think she had had enough, and was wanting to get out :)

Every night the girls wait in line to comb Daddy's "hair"- they Love it.... I mean, Look at all that hair to comb!

I have been in a major "cupcake" mood..... And this was actually the cupcake (and 11 others) that we used for our BIG cupcake shoot that I planned. It was so much fun!

Here is a pic from our shoot- I thought it turned out fabulous! The girls did AWESOME! It has really bumped my sales on my cupcake necklaces! so fun!

Daddy Daughter Dates

We started doing "daddy-daughter dates" every Thursday night, and the girls LOVE it! They take turns, and every Thursday, one of them gets to go out to dinner, and then wherever they want to spend "their own" money (which they have earned for 3 weeks). It is something they REALLY look forward to- and they try and earn as much as they can by doing chores or something nice for someone-

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