Saturday, September 22, 2012

Just another day.......

 We have been busy busy busy....but also getting very organized and used to everything.
The business, school, soccer, dance, callings.
 Its definitely a load, but I feel very blessed, and feel everything is falling in its place, the way its supposed too.

My little Sunday helpers. They beg to be in the kitchen with me, doing everything I am doing. Most of the time I shew them away!.. but its always fun to just let them join in once in a while, and of course they double the mess.... Oh well.

We LOVE the new school we are at. Absolutely LOVE.

I love the way these two interact. Abigail thinks she is so much older than Brooky, and most of he time SHE is the one beating up Brooky. Sweet Brooky just goes along with it though...

And she KNOWS whats good (my fault) . She gets excited and kicks her legs when we are out shopping and she sees Sees. She knows whats good :)

We love to go see Grandma and Grandpa at the mission home. What a peaceful feeling, and what great examples they are. 

I am so thankful, and feel so blessed with Sprinklings. It has come so far, so quick. I know its what I am supposed to be doing in my life. Opportunities keep arising, and things just keep getting better. I feel so blessed to have Joe help so much, with his job being so flexible. It truly is a huge blessing.

 Our packager keeps finding better ways to package :) we now have Bumper stickers, and these stamped out business cards.
We also have haircandy now. Which is another huge part, and blessing.


 The girls are doing awesome in soccer this year! Macee scored her first two goals of the season today, and played so well. We were kinda blown away. She is so aggressive, and does so well. I think Playing on the big field has todally changed her game. She LOVES it.

Kynzlee is our little firecracker. She doesn't care who is on the field, and what they are doing, she will do anything to get that ball and score. She scored 3 goals today :)
 Only two girls on the team :)

 This was her the entire time, shoving the boys to get the ball ...

Daddy pep talk

 Our little cheer leaders :)

 Picture day

 Playing at cousins house

Hanging out in old town Clovis.

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