Friday, November 16, 2012

Weekend Trip to the Coast

 One day when the girls got out of school, we decided to surprise them with a little weekend getaway!
First stop: Outback Steakhouse! YUMMM!

 Our Hotel was so nice, and of course had a pool! The girls loved it!

Joe had to work a few hours in the morning (which paid for our trip :)) So I took the Girls to a really fun mall close by 

 This car kiosk wanted a pic with the girls on their car.... 

That night we walked down to downtown, it was so close to our Hotel, and we ate dinner and walked through the shops

 Of course they loved the candy shop....

The next day we took them to Knotts Scary Farm

 The girls had so much fun. I Love Knotts, I grew up going there, so it was fun to take the girls. Everything was decorated for Halloween

Next day- Islands, then San Diego Wild Life ZOO . Which was AH- MAZING!

The coolest Zoo I have ever been to. I couldn't believe the extremes of everything
waiting for the bird show to start...

We got to go on a safari, and ride around and see all the animals up close. It was crazy, they were just all out in the wild.

 The look- out Point from the top. We felt like we were in Jurassic Park looking out at all the animals

I think the Tiger wanted to eat us...

All packed up and headed home. It was such a fun weekend getaway, 4 nights is perfect, and just 5 hours away.

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