Saturday, February 16, 2013

The most wonderful time of the year

 I Love Christmas and all the fun things you do leading up to it. 

Here are the girls on spirit day, getting ready to go to Doughnuts with Dad..
they were quite excited to take their daddy to school that day

We started "Elf on the Shelf" this year, and boy was he a hit! It todally worked too! We named him Timmy, and he kept close watch on the girls. 

I got to complete another Stocking this year! This is Kynzlee's, but I love this tradition I have of making all the Girls their own stockings. I never got a pic of Abigail's completed, But I will already have a new one to complete next year! :)

School Programs

 I always love the Christmas programs the school puts on, they are always so sweet

 Macees was one night, and Kynzlees was the next night...

The girls before school

Kynzlees Christmas program

Abigail and I did alot of Chrsitmas shopping together while the sisters were at school 
Made it much easier.

Ward party.
 The ward party was amazing. The food was fantastic, they even had a "childrens bar" with mac and cheese, chicken nuggets, and juice box's. The activities were fun, and of course Santa came...

 The older girls Loved Santa...

 Abigail, not so much....

Annual Ugly Sweater party
 Joe and I have made some amazing friends here, and we are all so close. The Christmas party is always a blast. Here is the whole bunch...

Before church

 I love my sweet babies... we have a lot of fun together

Kynzlee is obsessed with giving everyone a kiss and hug before she goes to school... It is quite cute

My 4 little girls. I was so excited to give these little dollies to them for Christmas. They LOVE them.


 Talk about the cutest dance recital ever. The girls are in year around dance, and the LOVE it! They have learned so much, and I was quite shocked when I saw their recital, and how far they have come. It was seriously amazing.

All the little LDS girls around here do it, and the teacher is lds as well. Its such an awesome program, at an amazing price. My girls love it.
 Macee did SO great! she is such a leader. She was on top of the entire dance, and we were so proud of her
 I didnt get pics of Kynzlees and Brooklyns, I was trying to record as well. I cant wait for the summer recital

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