Monday, April 22, 2013

New Update!

 We have been so Busy Lately... school, and swim team, Dance, and just life. But we love it. The weather has been SO beautiful the girls are never inside. Its so nice living in a coldesac, the girls just play and play and play. Then with the park across the street, they play and play some more. 

Our sweet Great Grandma is in a rest home for a short time. She fell down at home, almost 2 weeks ago, and has been there since. She seems to be doing better, but still cant fully walk :(
She LOVES when the kids come to visit though. But is really wanting to go home.
We just love her so much, and my kids just ask and ask to go and visit her, Its really sweet.

We had Muffins with mom last week. The girls loved taking me to school with them. It was a nice time with just the two. It doesn't happen all that often

We love Joe's schedule and flexability. Lots of Lunches with daddy. We feel SO blessed to have this job. 

Last week we took the girls to Johns Incredible pizza. They had so much fun, and are still talking about it. The pizza is quite good, and the bread sticks are amazing. 
 They had so much fun playing games and riding rides.

 Oh and a little black light bowling as well.... Im pretty sure that was their favorite part....

The girls before church..

I can not believe my sweet Macee will be 8 in 12 days. Its just so crazy how fast they grow up. She gets to be baptized on her Birthday as well. She is so excited about that. It doesn't happen very often that you get baptized on your actual birthday. It will be a very special day we are looking forward to.

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