Friday, May 31, 2013

Macee Turns 8!

 My sweet Macee Girl is already 8. Since she got baptized on her actual birthday, I thought "Perfect! we will have a little baptism party after her baptism and call it good!" NOPE! she wanted a BIG FRIEND PARTY. So she got one! 

 She didn't want a "theme" so we just did it all! She wanted a BIG. FUN. PARTY. 
She picked out her Invitations.... and we just went from there. She wanted to invite EVERYONE she knew! Dance friends, church friends, swim team, and school class. So she did! I limited her 50 kids!

 So we got a big water slide bounce house ....

 A slip n slide...
 And we ate pizza!
 We did it at the park across the street form our house, and it was perfect!

 YUP! all 50 kids came, WITH their siblings ....
Thank goodness we had plenty!

 Party Favors......
we were very simple!

 All my helpers helping me make the party bags....

She said it was "The BEST party ever"
I was glad when it was over :)

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