Friday, May 31, 2013

Summer Dance Recital 2013

It was such a PACKED weekend, with Macee's party being the night before... then Macee's birthday the next morning (morning of this dance recital) then the baptism in the afternoon. I was POOPED by Sunday. It was a lot of fun though. The Girls dance recital was SO CUTE this year. The girls absolutely LOVE dance, and their teacher is amazing. They are in year around dance, and I cant believe how much they learn. I cant wait for Abigail to start. They do their dance recital's at Fresno State, Twice a year. Brooky's theme was hip hop, this wasn't her whole class... just didn't get a pic....   her dance was so cute.

 Macee's class did Newsies (my favorite) so they got to dress like news boys

 And Kynzlee's class did a sleep over slumber party, and got to wear their pj's

 Both Grandmas and Grandpas got to come.... Joe'[s parents were in town for Macee's baptism. Cousins got to come too 

 AFter the recital we all went across the street to Dog House Grill....

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