Saturday, July 7, 2007

Fun Pictures!

We had so much fun with Grandma for 2 whole weeks.....We are going to miss her soooooo much. She was Macee's very best friend...
Here's our baby Kynzlee, 6 days old......
Macee loves her baby sister.

I know her bow is bigger than her head.....but isn't she so cute???
We bought some diet coke....because a wise doctor told me that if you dehydrate yourself when your pregnant, your body will get weird, and it will throw you into labor.....well, it did'nt quite work. So Macee would go into the kitchen, open the fridge, and drink some diet coke. She thought she was "so big". It was very funny.

Here's some pictures I decided to throw in for fun.

Hot Arizona summers.....Macee and I spend some time at the air-conditioned mall.....she loves it. She loves to ride the Horsey,.....she calls it. She won't let me stand next to her anymore, she thinks she is so big, she likes me to stand behind her, so I'm not there to "help" her. She's so silly.
She gets better and better everyday at the pool. She'll walk around up to her neck, and "she" has to be the one to put her eyes down...not me. But she loves it! We spend a lot of time here as well.

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