Sunday, July 8, 2007

Vacation Time!!!!

Here are all the cousins.... (not all, but the ones that went on vacation) The guys took them all to McDonalds, while the girls went and saw Wicked. It was an awesome play, down in Hollywood.
Here was our campsite. The bikes and skateboards were a Hit!
Here's little Macee and Mackenzie, up at camp Chawanakee, the week before the San Diego trip.
And the main event of all, the beach. And a nice side view of my big belly! 3 more weeks.... that baby will be out, (hopefully sooner).
And here's our little Macee. This was our last night on vacation, we all went to the park.

Vacation was alot of fun! we missed Ryan and lacey so much! We can't wait to see them next year.


lacey said...

Jill this is such a BIG bummer for us... agh. depressing. Please take lots of pictures since we won't be there and post them for us.

CDHowey said...

so cute... Love the pics... I LOVE VACATIONS!!!!