Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Here are my sweet little girls, right before church. Macee was so exited about her new orange purse she got from her birthday!

Little Kynzlee
On The Saturday of Macees birthday we went and saw tinkerbell, and all of the other Peterpan characters- Macee had so much fun! She got her face painted, and she got a pair of wings. She mostly just loved seeing tinkerbell though. Her friend sage also came with us!


Lauren said...

Your girls are always so adorable! It looks like Macee had a great birthday!

Skiba Family said...

Kierstie had a lot of fun at the adventures in Neverland! I'm glad so did Macee.

Ty and Marla Stevens said...

I found you! Your blog is so cute. Hope you don't mind that I'm adding you on my friends list.