Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Just an update.......

Well, life is busy as usual. We are still waiting to here what is going on with Joe's competition. Hopefully by the end of this month...so they say. It is nerve racking though. Joe and I signed up to do the St. George marathon- along with about 7 others- Joes friends from work. Its a Lottery to get in- and eveyone got in, exept Joe and I!! haha. Actually I shouldn't laugh- its still quite a touchy subject around here. Joe was pretty Upset. There will be other times! Anyways, Joe just finished another class on his masters. Good job Joe! 8 more to go! For me I had a WONDERFUL mothers day! My husband and kids were so good to me- (as they always are). they insisted on doing everything! Joe said " If mommy doesn't take a nap- then nobody takes a nap!" It was cute. So on Mothers day (having 8 o'clock church) we all took a nap! It was actually very nice! I got a really nice camera! I'm so exited about! which means- more pic's to post on the blog! Macee is such a good big sister. She loves her baby so much...she just can't get enough of her! As we were reading her small condensed version of the Book of Mormon, we were taking about Lehi Leaving Jeruselam- and how the people were very bad, and wouldn't listen to Lehi. We pointed the people out to Macee, and she said " Mommy- did they have to go to time-out?" it was so funnny. Poor Macee- somedays she lives in time out... haha. But we sure do love her!

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