Monday, September 29, 2008

So I went to a baby shower this weekend....

And these were there! Yes and they tasted as good as they look! I really wanted to show my sister this- she loves baking!~ Take a look at those Ang! and they had filling inside!

Well we have been busy as usual....Same old stuff- work- school- work- Its good though- Both Grandparents are coming this weekend! My parents wed- monday morning- Joes parents- Sunday night- sunday. We'll have a full house! Macee will be so exited!! We don't tell her until 5 minutes before they show up..... or she'll ask over and over!!Here are a few pics taken over the past few days: we had my brothers kids on friday night- as well as our date night group kids! It was alot of fun! My brothers kids stayed the night too! Such great kids!!
my nephew Ethan
Avery (niece) Kynzlee and Natalia
Park play time: I just love having the park right across the street from our house. Heres some pictures of the kids and their friends they play with at the park......

These are the sweet kids I babysit.... Emma and Kynzlee above (the babies) and the big kids below....Macee Seth and Charlotte-

Sleepy Baby........ I love it when they fit perfectly in the shopping cart- and sleep the entire time you shop!!! Sweet Kynzlee....
Princess Macee.....She really did think she was a princess in her princess dress. She was twirling around and around! She kept saying... " Watch me twirl Mommy"
After Church pictures of my sweet girls!

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Dave, Loralee, Emma, & Bree said...

JILL!!! It's Loralee!! (Packard)
I saw the picture of you in Heather Bailey's pattern-WOOWEE HOT LADY! :) Your girls are adorable! It's been so so so long since I've seen you and you're sooooo beautiful!
keep in touch :)