Thursday, October 2, 2008


Yes it was very full and very fun!! My parents are visiting for the weeklend! Yeah!!! We had so much fun! It started off with Kids Club at the mall- Chick Fil-a for lunch- Carousel - the mall play place- Back to our house- Playing at the park- Pizza at the park- Baths- Movies in the play room- then bed. It was alot of fun! All the cousins had so much fun with eachother!!!!


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Dave, Loralee, Emma, & Bree said...

SOOOOO FUN!! Give your parents a HUGE hug from me and tell them I love them and miss them! :)
And YES I LOVE HEATHER BAILEY! That's so awesome that you baby-sit her daughter! I ENVY people who are creative in that way. Do you ever pick her brain? :) I could stare at her fabric all day. I've been contemplating for WEEKS which fabric I want to buy and what perfect thing I can make with it. But all sewing projects besides halloween costumes and family picture outfits are on hold year :)
Have so much fun this week!