Wednesday, October 8, 2008


Macee just loves it so much when her Grandma and Grandpa comes to visit- Sometimes I think she loves them more! She said the funniest thing to my Dad: she said (of course when I was not around) "Grandpa can I please go home with you"? Grandpa: "Well what about your mommy?- she'll miss you so much!" . Macee- " its ok Grandpa- she has daddy." She was dead serious though- she really thought she was going home with them..................... Sorry Macee.

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Andrea Hale said...

Pretty sure Grant loves his granparents more sometimes too. :) Just depends on who's giving him what he wants. jk The girls are so cute in their matching outfits! I love it! And holy cow, I can't believe she's one! It seems like she was just a little tiny baby. :)