Sunday, October 12, 2008

Random Pictures....

We've been so busy with lots of family in town. Its been so much fun though! My parents for a little while- then Joes parents all last week. And of course all of my babysitting- Long Days. We had birthday parties- we've attended birthday parties, its been all good and fun, just busy. Joe has doubled up in his classes...ahhh! with all the work he does on top of that too. We are so greatful though- especially in times like these- that Joe does have a steady job- as well as he is still able to go to school. And that I am able to help out as well- and still be home with my babies. We feel so blessed. We have so much to be so greatful for

This is the only way Kynzlee will sit and STAY in her high chair...with an ice cream cone. Otherwise she stands- and if we strap her in she kicks and screams!!
Kynzlee still hasnt decided if this is her baby or what? She knows it looks different. Anyways she loves it! Thanks mom and dad (grandma and grandpa) for giving that to her!

Macee made a spider hat at preschool- and Kynzlee won't take it off! Its just so funny- You would think- especially for her age- she would not want that on her head! But she gets mad if you take it off her head!
This was hilarious! Macee came down stairs with Grandpa boots on! We laughed and laughed!
I walked in the do they all fit??


Scott 'n Jen said...

I love how she put on Grandpa's boots- So cute!

Luvs :o) said...

Hey jill,
I can't help but you make all their bows or do you buy them somewhere???if so, where...they are adorable! I love matching. Be gratful that they keep em on...Emmery hates hers.