Thursday, September 17, 2009

Campout/ Chickfil-a/ ZOO

It was a girl cow at chik-fil a family night- the girls noticed right away!!


Tara Fischbeck said...

I can't believe you took your little infant on the campout already!! Good for you! Your girls are so cute!

Don and Sue said...

Jill I love these pictures. They are so cute. Camping is so fun!! It is something you look back on for years and always have fond memories. We tend to forget the nights with little or no sleep. What we remember is how much fun our children had!!

buckleyinvestments said...

Jill, your little girls always look like they just came out of a beauty parlor! You are such a great mom!! Thank you for taking the time to post these pictures so we can share in your lives. We love your little family!!