Sunday, September 27, 2009


My brother Cory is turning 30! My sister- in law threw him the best suprise party. It was a UFC fight party- she had everything UFC-she even had a blow up boxing ring bounce house- with an announcer too. It was a lot of fun- Lots of people- good food-and good music. He was definantly suprised too! Thats always so much fun when they have no clue!!
The cake looked awesome!!
Joe and I got to go at it in the boxing ring- that was fun!! although- he only let me get him- so it was even more fun!


Jen said...

Seriously what a fun idea:)

Grandma Buckley said...

What a darling Halloween picture!! Where did you get all those matching costumes? Cory's party looked so fun! Sure wish we were on our way to your house. I'm needing to munch on those chubby cheeks of Brookie's and give Kynzlee birthday hugs and see Macee's head all healed up. Of course I'd love to love on both of you, Joe and Jill. You all look terrific. Jill, you have no baby fat. WOW!! Love Ya Lots, MOM

Don and Sue said...

Joe was having too much fun!!