Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Valentines day/ Presidents day weekend

On the Friday before Valentines day- Daddy took the girls out on a date. They got to go to the mall- then of course Mcdonalds. I told him to take pictures- so this is what we got-
at build-a-bearThe puppy store to see the puppies
and the Disney store- they had so much fun spending time with just their Daddy.

Then on Monday- Presidents day- we took the girls to the Wildlife Zoo/Aquarium. It was awesome- its different than the zoo- because you get to see the animals up close. Kind of scary close. The girls LOVED it!
Feeding the ducks- they came right up to us-
The Lion is behind us-
The tiger was my favorite! he just came right to us- you can't tell but the tiger had bright blue eyes!
You could literally pet the zebras

Beef Jery stop. Brooky chewed on a peice of jerky for hours! she love it! It was quite gross if you ask me. But she was so HAPPY!Joe got this shot- we were so close!

The girls in the stroller
We got to feed the Giraffe- he ate right out of our hands.
Joe had to take a picture of this........................................ya

The aquarium was awesome too. We got to watch them feed the penguins, But of course my camera died. The girls and Joe also got to ride 2 rides. A log ride- and a ski lift ride that went over the entire park. They LOVED it!


miller said...

oh so cute, i love that there outfits match the zoo!!

Megan Wilcox said...

I just DIIIEEEEDD at the sight of that tortoise picture, that is EXACTLY what we saw Saturday..hilarious Jill! Your girls are adorable and if I ever get girls on day they'll have huge bows just like yours! :)

Don and Sue said...

jill you guys had so much fun! All of you look so cute!

Don and Sue said...

jill you guys had so much fun! All of you look so cute!