Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Our Califonia Adventure.....

Began in Fresno for 2 1/2 weeks- I posted Earlier on some of the fun things we did. On our way back- we stopped in San Diego for a few days. Uncle Seany plays Volleyball for San Diego City College- so we got to see him play!! We went to the beach for a few hours- and the girls had a BLAST! It didn't matter how cold the water was.

My girls LOVE their Grandma and Grandpa!!!!
Out to dinner with Uncle Seany and his friend Brook- And of course Grandma and Grandpa!

Our last stop- before heading back to the Arizona heat was Lego Land!!
The girls had sooooo much fun!!! Macee cried as we left-
My girls found a princess.... in Lego land..... so random
Standing in front of some cities made out of legos. Fascinating!
In front of Las vegas!!!!

Splash pad!

Happy Brooky!!
On some of the rides- there was a play area with lego's- so the kids could play- while the adults waited in line. It was really nice. First time my girls ever played with Lego's.
We had such a good time! I heart California.


Don and Sue said...

wow these pictures came out so cute! We did have fun!

Levesque Family said...

Looks like a lot of fun! My kids love there legos-they play with them atleast once a day.

Grandma Buckley said...

What a great adventure you have been on!! Thanks for sharing all the cute pictures. We sure do miss all of you and look forward to being able to hug you and hang out soon. We'll be talking to you all soon for Macee's B-day! Love Ya Lots, Grandpa & Grandma Buckley