Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Macees turned 5!!

We celebrated Macee's 5th birthday this week. I have always thrown a HUGE party- but this year we thought we would just do an ALL day Birthday for her- with family. She still had so much fun! And I am sure it as much cheaper too! Sunday we had dinner with some friends- so I thought I would make her birthday cake- and blow out candles then. She wanted a Snow White cake. So I googled "how to make a Snow White cake" and this was the outcome:

It was super fun- and pretty easy too!! she LOVED it!So on the morning of her actual birthday- we went and got douhgnuts- and met up with another friend at the splash pad. We hit up the Disney store on the way out- and she got to pick out a toy. For lunch we did chik fil a- then that night we went out to Red Robin- and Build a bear as a family.
Brooky loved the water- even though it was freezing!!!
Red Robin- waiting to be seated!

She was so exited that red robin was there!!
Brooky wasn't exited about the robin........
She loved that everytime the phone rang that day- it was for her!!!!
And of course it did get CRAZY at the restraunt...................
Build a bear
It was Macee's first time at build a bear, and she loved it!
Giving hello kitty a bath
And the finished product. She wanted her in PJ's- and she named her Kaylee, "with 2 ee's just like my name" she said.


miller said...

what a fun birthday! she must have loved her food at red robins, her little tummy looks so full at build a bear! mackenzie says " oh wow bring that hello kitty next time you come to grandmas house!"

Don and Sue said...

Jill she looks so very happy! that was a dream come true birthday for a little girl.i love her so much