Sunday, March 27, 2011

An A LL cousin day of fun!!!

Cousin Emma came to town to visit for the weekend! ALL the kids were SO excited!! we had so much fun with her! we did a "girls" day at the mall!

Tater got to come too!:)

Of course we went to the girly boutique store! The girls picked out notepads and lip gloss!

After the mall we all went out to dog house grill ..... with EVERYONE! Uncle Cory came in town too!! we had tons of fun!
I'm sad I didn't get a picture!see their glitter stars they all got? tater got one too :)

Theres two are BEST buds~ they ask to play EVERYDAY!!

Next stop : pet extreme! The kids LOVE going to see the baby shark, and to pet and hold all of the animals....

Grandma getting all of the animals out for the kids to pet

We were so glad they got to come..... even if it was only for a few days! we REALLY hope to live close by someday! the cousins have so much fun together!!

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