Saturday, April 2, 2011

Spring birthdays!!

In our family we are FULL of birthdays in the spring!! It is so much fun! My birthday is first (MaRCH 26TH) and this year I had a wonderful birthday! I got to hang out with my sister most of the day... with no kids! My husband was so kind to take all the kids! Then later , my future sister in law came and watched the kids, while Joe took me to dinner and a movie!

Above is my birthday cake that my sister made (she is the greatest cook! I tell her she needs to have her own cooking show) she made me a triple layered chocolate peanut butter cake, and it tasted amazing!!! her and Paula dean are tight!
I love my sister!!

The next birthday is Ty Ty's.... march 31st. We took the kids out of school and had a day of FUN!
Even brooky was going on everything!

Next stop, chick -fil-a for lunch YUM!

After that, outside mall to play.... it was 70 degrees that day! beautiful!

Best buds

and last,YO DIGGITY, to get some yogurt! the kids got to make their own!

The next big birthday event was Mackenzie and Ty's Birthday bash!!

Mackenzies birthday is APRIL 1st!

Baby claire.... she is soooo cute!

aww and mom got to come for about 15 minutes.... poor thing crushed her wrist and hand the day before.... she was in lots of pain..... surgery is this week! we Love her so much!

Brooky feeding cousin Ryan.... they are the same age! I thought this was so cute!

There was face painting, Food, bounce house slide, and lots of other fun stuff! about 75 kids showed up!! it was CRAZY!

The birthday girl and some of her friends...

It was a week of fun! we have even more spring birthdays coming up that I will post later! :) What a fun time of year!

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