Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Buckley Family reunion/Thanksgiving In DISNEYLAND!!

The week of Thanksgiving we went to Disneyland for 5 DAYS- with ALL of Joe's Family! there were 40 of us! It was so much fun!!! Weather was perfect- and no one got sick! So much to be thankful for!

On its a small world- This ride is AMAZING at christmas time!

with goofy!!

Winnie the pooh ride!!

silly Macee....

not even sure who this is...... oh well, girls wanted a pic with him! :)

We got there right when it opened at 8- and stayed till 8. It was perfect for me! girls crashed when we got back to the hotel- but were so excited to get up and do it again!!!


Tea cups!!

waiting for the princesses- we were 3rd in line!!!

The princesses were Brookys FAVORITE!!! She absolutely LOVES the princesses!!

waiting with their cousins to see the play Aladin! Such an amazing play!!!

Daddy with Abigail in Aladin!

We did the entire day with cousins on DAY 2- The girls had so much fun!

The 2 babies- Abigail 4 months- and Ayzlee 10 days!!


The girls on the shuttle!! Here we go again!!

The Christmas Parade!! The girls loved it- and so did I!!

We also saw the fireworks show that night- but by the time it started- we looked around and 12 kids were out!!! it was really funny!!


The girls waiting with their cousins to see the princesses- this time we were 1st in line!!! 12 girl cousins!!

Abigail was asleep- and I wasn't about to wake her up!! :)

Brooky with her Grandma!

Abigail with one of her cousins....
too bad they will never remember this trip!


Day 5 we really just took it easy- and did whatever the girls wanted to do... we pretty much had seen and did everything we wanted to see and do!
It was perfect.

Alice and mad hatter invited Macee to come march and dance with them!! she LOVED it! shes definantly not shy anymore!!

They loved pixie hollow......

Mickys house!

Joe took the older girls to do rides- so I stayed with the babies to see mickey!

It was a wonderful trip- and everyone had a BLAST!! I will like to go back in 2 years!! Its just so crazy now- because were only 4 hours from Disneyland!! I LOVE it!

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