Wednesday, February 15, 2012

piano, push-ups, and play

Macee started taking piano lessons, and LOVES it! she "got it" so quickly, and loves to practice (when her sisters aren't banging on it at the same time)

Our little Abigail is 7 months now, and is not crawling, but her favorite position is this- we call it her "push- up"- how does she do it? Not sure, strong little baby! She does scoot around everywhere though :)

Macee got Mighty Wolverine of the month! we are so proud of her!

Joe and I went on our Valentines date, while my parents took the kids to chik fil a for the night. They always LOVE when Grandma and Grandpa Babysit!!

Playing at the mall~

Drinking hot chocolate while I shop at target (so silly )- I love that its still cold here :)

Abigail loves to be the "baby"...

I love this baby :)

And the girls on Valentines Sunday

I know the girls are pretty much wearing the same thing in all the pictures.....some of the events happened in the same day..... But I did want good use of their Valentines attire too of course :)

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