Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Valentines Eve and Valentines Day..... 2012

What a sweet Valentines day we had this year. I really do LOVE Valentines day. Baking ALL day is one of my favorites. We made TONS of treats to get ready for Valentines day. The girls loved it too :)

For Macee's we did homemade heart sugar cookies, with large conversation hearts. Macee had lots of fun filling out all her Valentines.

For Kynzlees we did white chocolate dipped marshmallows with sprinkles. Along with little valentines she got to fill out.She was so excited to take valentines.

Trying to get a pic with the 3 babies...... not the easiest thing. I guess it really does help when Macee is there too.

This was the best we could do :)

Valentines night, we had our family dinner. We invited my parents, and it was the best.

The girls plates....
the babies got baby pillow pets to go with their mommies they have,
and Macee got a hello kitty charm bracelet.

Teriyaki chicken over brown rice and brocolli
fruit punch
Frosted brownies
dipped marshmallows
ice cream and fudge

We had such a wonderful time. I love my little family, and living close to family.

After, we all watched biggest loser together :)

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