Sunday, March 25, 2012

Quick update !

We had a great St pattys day this year, with rain and all!

We kinda just did the norm, the mall ,out to dinner, play groups, stuff like that

Abigail turned 8 months, and WOWY!! She is anywhere, and everywhere!! almost WALKING!! We just cant believe it, she even goes up stairs, and she is so little! I guess shes gotta keep up with her sisters!!

The girls started swim, and what a LIFESAVER! They LOVE it, its everyday, for an hour, and they swim them hard! Joe takes them, along with broookie, and that is my time to "work".... And boy do I get a lot done, its amazing!!

Its todally cold here, so the parkas really come in handy! thank goodness they heat the pool too!

girls being silly

we have been so busy, but its been great. I love my buisness, and I have the best partner. I am so thankful he has the time and ability to be able to help me so much, its wonderful! he calls himself the "house-wife ", in a happily way of course :). We feel so blessed.

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