Friday, June 1, 2012

This and That .......

 We have been so busy! Baptism, wedding, Birthdays, play dates, Swim team.......
My niece Mackenzie was baptized recently, and the girls enjoyed singing with their cousins. 

We were also invited to some very good friends of ours, wedding and reception, the girls talked about it for days after, they LOVED it. They danced all night long.

 We could not get this girl off the dance floor....

 It was a beautiful reception.

The girls enjoy their play dates with their cousins every Wednesday and Friday. I enjoy catching up with my sister :) we have too much fun together. 

Macee got a new bike for her birthday, and was so excited! she did not see it coming! We have been going on LOTS of Family bike rides.

 I was very blessed this mothers day :) very.

The girls have been doing awesome on swim team this year! Its amazing! they have their very first swim meet tomorrow :)

 Sweet Tater turned 4

 It was a beautiful night

 We ate and played.....

Sprinklings new addition.

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