Sunday, July 1, 2012

Buckley Family Reunion

 Well after an entire week of packing our house, we left for Utah for 10 days! Infact, we didn't even sleep in the new house. We just unpacked, and left! We stayed the night half way, then continued the journey the next day! the girls were anxious to see their Utah cousins.

The first day in Utah, we went to this neat Resevoir. The kids played and swam, then we BBQ'd that night with a campfire. It was a beautiful day and night.

 I decided to gather as many cousins as I could and snap a few photos. I thought at the top of the resevoir, where the kids were playing was just beautiful!

 I was saying anything and everything to get them to just be silly and stay.
I think they had fun doing it :)
 Little brooky being so silly

We played a lot at Aunt Jessicas!

That Sunday was Fathers day :)

We went to the waterpark one of the days.

 And our last stop was visiting Grandpa at work, and feeding the horses. The girls Loved it!

We then headed to St George for the Williams Family reunion!

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